November 18, 2015

Why Do Children Lose Faith in God?

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Why is it that some people are able to know God and believe in Him until the end of their days, while others lose their faith while still young ? How does this loss of faith occur and by what means can faith be preserved or renewed? Before answering these questions I would like to say a few words to those who say that religious beliefs should not be “foisted upon” children. Religious faith cannot …

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July 29, 2015

Young Women and St. Marina

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Today, the Coptic Orthodox Church celebrates the martyrdom of St. Marina the Holy Martyr of Antioch, a wonderful role model especially for young women. She was raised as an unbeliever by her parents until her mother died. Afterwards, she believed in our Lord Jesus Christ and vowed to remain a virgin for Him, but her father disowned her because of her faith, which ultimately resulted in her martyrdom. She shunned marriage, pleasure, fame, wealth, family, …

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