July 17, 2015

Communal and Individual Worship

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During these difficult days, we are increasingly called upon to worship as a community in unity of Spirit, in one voice. What is communal worship, and how does it differ from individual worship? What is the Biblical basis for communal worship in the body of the the Church? The Differences Between Communal and Individual Worship In prayer, for example, there is individual prayer; you pray in your room to your Father who sees in secret. …

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April 29, 2015

Unity in Prayer

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Before all things, the Teacher of peace and the Master of unity would not have prayer to be made singly and individually, as for one who prays to pray for himself alone. For we say not My Father, which art in heaven,” nor “Give me this day my daily bread;” nor does each one ask that only his own debt should be forgiven him; nor does he request for himself alone that he may not …

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