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24 Responses to "Is Christianity Found on a Cup?"
  1. Well said Abouna Moses Samaan!! Its true that a cup does not represent Christianity, but I think that people feel threatened by what Starbucks may do next (possibly represent Islam or something, which I doubt would ever take place). I’m not worried about what Starbucks does. We can’t control that.

  2. Thank you! And what’s even funnier… Starbucks sells “Advent calendars” lol

  3. Wonderful article Abouna Moses!

  4. P.S.Fam says:

    So he is protesting the absence of the secular symbols of Christmas, why exactly? Personally a reindeer or snowflake don’t cry out Christ to me.

    • Fr. Moses Samaan says:

      Yes, it is an odd connection

    • Chris Michael says:

      Reindeer and snowflakes are nice and so is saying “Happy Holidays” but like you said, about the one, neither cry out Christ to me either. I want to boldly and respectfully declare God’s goodness and wish everyone a Merry Christmas despite the secular pressure to be “politically correct”

  5. Mena Nekoula says:

    Abouna im so so so happyyy that u don’t support this like im so so happy this makes me relived

  6. Father, you’ll be sporting some vestments soon that are just about that shade of red, am I right?

  7. plus red is the Byzantine liturgical color for the Nativity fast, no? ^_^

  8. we can thank Mr. Feurstein for Starbucks e-cards going on sale for 33% off today.

  9. Thank you Abouna Moses Samaan for sharing this on Facebook..

  10. Nora Morgan says:

    Well put. Christmas is too commercialized these days. If a corporation doesn’t want to celebrate Christmas, so be it!! Let’s not loose the spirit of Christmas. Instead of worrying about who is wishing us a merry Christmas or even acknowledging the season, let’s do an active that reflects the spirit of the season. The whole Starbucks argument serves no purpose.

  11. Amy says:

    You are absolutely accurate, Christ’s existence and celebrating His birth is not limited to a pathetic cup. However it is crucial for us to stand up for what we believe in. Many retailers use the Christmas Holiday Shopping period as a means to make up for all their revenues for the whole fiscal year. That means they are benefiting from Christ’s birth, and yet fail to recognize Him, or His Existence.

    As Christians, we ought to stand up for what we believe in, Our money ought to go to the retailers who respect our belief, and not mute it, else a simple boycott during the Holidays from Starbucks, would be sufficient enough to send a message to Starbucks.

    We ought to demand the words “Merry Christmas” , in BIG BOLD letters on our cups. forget the silly images and if someone gets offended, give them a plain cup.

  12. Happy joy says:

    Thank you Abouna I love it and agree

  13. Amir Shehata says:

    He is against secularising Christmas which has been the trend over so many years now. So I guess you also don’t care about the words merry Christmas being used or religious Christian decorations put up in malls or not as well as christmas carols according to your argument !! As for evangelicals and what they do, as a COPT I would be very embarrassed and shamed compared to what they do! Another lame excuse to attack other denominations.

  14. To my beloveds… Salam in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit one true God+++Amen. I remember Abouna our beloved saying to us, not to be judgemental… For every action there’s a reason behinded it. As I who grew up in the west and knowing what was thought to me as being Christmas from my parents and the Roman Catholic etc… And coming to know the the Oriental Orthodox faith of Christianity… I now know and overstand what is Christmas. But what get me is that the people of the East has a more greater love or like towards the Christmas for the West on what Christmas and it’s illusions…Such as with tree, gifts, drinks, eating and partying which has nothing to do with the Church teachings on the true Christmas. How many of you or us have a tree pit out on the western Christmas day? And what do we do with the tree? Think! Isn’t it a form of worshipping and idol? What am saying is this that if Starbucks decides not to acknowledge Christmas is not that he/her does not acknowledge that there’s a God… But rather the things which represents Christmas. Let’s also ask ourselves this question?… How many of us go out and buy food from restaurants? Such as from a Gentile or Jewish owner of the restaurant …is there a difference between you buying from Starbucks and them who does not believe in Christ Jesus?

  15. My beloved kirollos there are some of us who does not believe in what’s in the cup on the left…. Even when he/her partake of it. Cause we at sometimes, do things that are abnormal in the house of God… Such as being on our cell phones, our minds are on our business’s, children, families and even on food… While service is conducting.

    Let us just pray to God, that He may give us the eyes to see and the ears to hear from the Holy Gospels, that we may take with us out into the World and to watch and prayer that we may be wise as (5)Virgins as He was when the Devil came to tempt Him in the wilderness of the World riches and it’s Evil. +++Amen

    Please remember me, your weak and sinful brother in Christ Jesus our Lord +++Amem

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