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11 Responses to "What’s the Topic? Who’s the Priest? Who’s Gonna be There?"
  1. Marina Habib says:

    Love the last sentence!! Abanob Saad

  2. Marina Habib says:

    Zac Traversa Melissa Shenouda Mary Soliman Marina Mekhaeel Marina Saddik Michael Raghib

  3. Marina Habib says:

    Zac Traversa Melissa Shenouda Mary Soliman Marina Mekhaeel Bishoy Attia

  4. Regina Mance says:

    So happy that your account has been restored Abouna Moses. I have missed your thought provoking, insightful and convicting posts.

  5. orthodoxpriest says:

    Excellent post. And there is a danger with so many videos of the Liturgy online that were start to judge the quality of a Liturgy by external rather than spiritual aspects.

  6. Amir Tadros says:

    Mariham Wassef Fahim

  7. canamorthodox says:

    Wonderful article, Abouna. Very well articulated, and a dangerous trend. I miss the days, also, when every Church was a ‘school’. The sense of discipleship came and we didn’t look to compare.

  8. HardPressed says:

    I can’t speak to the Coptic Churches in California, but if it’s anything like Toronto, I cannot place the blame on the “faithful.”

    Maybe if Coptic Churches didn’t sensationalize every guest speaker, youth meeting, and interchurch convention, the faithful would not look upon them with consumerist eyes.

    It seems like the church is trying to dress itself in skinny jeans to sell itself as “cool” to our kids (i.e. Americanized worship music, comedy routines instead of sermonizing, catch-phrase conventions) What we end up packaging is a cheap knockoff of the world we’re called to evangelize. Of course people will end up asking things like “What’s the topic? Who’s the priest? Who’s gonna be there?” – the Church has trained them to do so.

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