December 31, 2015

Sermon for New Year’s Day

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We see, beloved Brethren, that you have come together to-day as for a feast and that for this day you have gathered here in greater numbers than usual. We urge you to remember what you sang a moment ago; otherwise it will only mean that your tongue made some noise while your heart remained still. The sounds you have produced in each other’s ears, these it is for your love to reproduce with loud voice …

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April 2, 2015

Against the Western Concept of Justification

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But what is the meaning of ‘made righteous in His Blood?” What power is there in this Blood, I demand, that believers are made righteous in it? And what of ‘reconciled through the death of His Son’? Is it really the case that, when God saw the Father was angry with us, He saw the death of His Son for us, and was appeased?…Can we suppose that the Father would have given His own Son …

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