February 16, 2017

A Nineteenth Century Account of Coptic Wedding Customs

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The following account was written by a British author, E.L. Butcher, during the time of the British occupation of Egypt in the late 19th c. The ceremonies of a wedding, on the other hand, are most of them beautiful and symbolic. Unhappily, Moslem influence has affected even these, and till quite lately it was thought improper for a man even to see beforehand the girl he was going to marry, much more to have any …

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February 1, 2016

On Modern Wedding Receptions among Orthodox Christians

  ·   Meditations

In the Holy Orthodox Church, marriage is a divine Mystery that culminates in two people being transformed into a one-flesh unity through the work of the Holy Spirit. The ultimate goal of this one-flesh unity is the salvation of the husband, wife, and any children the Lord grants to the couple. Orthodox Christian marriage, therefore, is a path towards holiness. Today, this beautiful reality of marriage is oftentimes overshadowed by the dark cloud of the …

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January 13, 2016

How a Faithful Husband Sees His Wife

  ·   Meditations

On the joyful day a man and woman are crowned and married in the Orthodox Church, an inseparable bond develops between them. No longer are they two individuals serving their own egos and self-wills, but rather, they become one flesh in a sublime mystery. This reality is made abundantly clear in the marriage of the first husband and wife described at the end of Genesis 2. When Adam awoke from the deep sleep into which …

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