November 13, 2015

The Deeper the Sorrow, the Closer to God

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The unprecedented terrorist attacks against innocent civilians in Paris today have left many with anguish, fear, and shock in their hearts. In the coming weeks and months, politicians and pundits will speak at great length about what happened and what the world needs to do to address the increase of terrorism throughout the world. I do not write in order to contribute to that discussion, but instead, I echo the Russian proverb, “The deeper the …

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December 29, 2014

Egyptian Coptic Christian Family Slain by Islamic Extremists in Libya

Fr. Moses Samaan   ·   Links

An entire Coptic Orthodox Christian family in Libya was savagely murdered by Muslims on December 23. The reason? They wanted to take the 13-year-old daughter who was found dead in a field after likely being abused.In the face of this evil, we entreat the Lord’s mercy and pray that He may grant repose and eternal joy to the slain martyrs, Magdy Sobhy Tawfiq, Sahaar Talaat Rizk, and Catherine Tawfiq.Read the story at

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