July 8, 2015

On the Veneration and Intercession of the Saints

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Beloved reader, our ultimate goal in life is union with the Holy Trinity. This union has been made possible by the Incarnation, Death and Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. By His life-giving works, our Savior has revealed to us His Truth, brought us to the true knowledge of God and man, granted us through Himself victory over our passions, redeemed us from our sins, abolished death and raised us with Him to sit at …

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January 21, 2015

Our Lord’s First Miracle at Cana of Galilee

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Today, we celebrate with great joy the Feast of the Miracle at the Wedding of Cana of Galilee and the Feast of the pure martyrs, St. Demiana and the forty virgins. I wish you all joy and blessings today and pray that God may grant you many happy returns.Our gospel reading this morning, which came from the Gospel according to St. John 2:1-11, spoke to us about the first miracle that our Lord performed in …

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