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April 2, 2015

Against the Western Concept of Justification

  ·   Meditations

But what is the meaning of ‘made righteous in His Blood?” What power is there in this Blood, I demand, that believers are made righteous in it? And what of ‘reconciled through the death of His Son’? Is it really the case that, when God saw the Father was angry with us, He saw the death of His Son for us, and was appeased?…Can we suppose that the Father would have given His own Son …

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April 1, 2015

Why We Don’t Celebrate the Eucharist on Great Friday

  ·   Meditations

On Holy and Great Friday we do not celebrate the full Liturgy, because the Lord, Who on the eve of Friday instituted the Mysteries in memory of His passion, on Friday itself endured the voluntary suf­ fering and offered Himself voluntarily on the Cross as a sacrifice to the Father, as is said: He gave Himself up… Since in His divine Body through the suffering a sacrifice was then offered, on Great Friday there is …

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