November 29, 2015

The Necessity of Self-Denial

  ·   Meditations

On the Third Sunday of the Coptic month of Hatour, our Mother, the Holy Church, nourished us with a passage from the Gospel according to St. Luke 14:25-35 in which our Lord Jesus Christ teaches us that the cost of being His disciple, the cost of being a Christian in this world, is a total and complete commitment to Him. This total commitment to Christ necessarily begins with self-denial, as our Savior teaches us, “And …

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July 21, 2015

The Life of Discipleship

  ·   Articles

In your discipleship, you do not learn from the words of your teachers, but from their behaviour and way of life. Even when they say nothing, you still absorb their way of living, by absorbing the good qualities, standards and patterns which they demonstrate in their life. The ear is not the only means of learning, the eye is too. There is the story of Abba Sisoes who was so humble that he would not …

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