May 11, 2017

A Prophecy of Abba Pambo

  ·   Meditations

“And I’ll tell you this, my child, that the days will come when the Christians will add to and will take away from, and will alter the books of the Holy Evangelists, and of the Holy Apostles, and of the Divine Prophets, and of the Holy Fathers. They will tone down the Holy Scriptures and will compose troparia, hymns, and writings technologically. Their nous (souls) will be spilled out among them, and will become alienated …

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May 4, 2015

Destructive Boredom

  ·   Quotes

There is a useful sorrow, and a destructive sorrow. Sorrow is useful when we weep for sin, and for our neighbour’s ignorance, and so that we may not relax our purpose to attain to true goodness: these are the true kinds of sorrow. Our enemy adds [another type of sorrow]. For he sends sorrow without reason, which is something called acedia. We ought always to drive out a spirit like this with prayer and psalmody.Owen …

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