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October 28, 2017

Christ Calms the Raging Sea

  ·   Meditations

Tonight, dear brothers and sisters in Christ, we offer our prayers through the raising of incense on the eve of the Third Sunday of the blessed Coptic month of Paope. Our Mother, the Holy Church, nourished us with a passage from the Gospel according to St. Mark 4:35-41, which described how our Lord Jesus Christ calmed a fearful storm by the power of His word. In this beautiful story, which is also found in Matthew …

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October 23, 2017

Christ Above the Temple Tax

  ·   Meditations

Christ our Lord was in Capernaum, the city that hosted Him during much of His earthly ministry, residing in one of the houses along with His disciples. St. Peter, however, was outside this house when certain tax collectors came and asked him whether our Lord paid something called the “temple tax.” Peter responded, “Yes,” and entered the house where our Lord was staying, but before he could say anything, our Lord, Who knows all things, …

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