December 1, 2015

Holy Tradition: Divine, Apostolic, and Patriarchal

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Tradition is, basically, the spiritual teaching we have inherited from the Holy Apostles and Church Fathers. Tradition is divine, apostolic or patriarchal. Divine tradition is that teaching given by Jesus Christ directly and by word of mouth to the Holy Apostles. It was not recorded in a book until later through the inspiration and guidance of the Holy Spirit. [1. Patriarch Ephrem Barsoum I, Alhak Alkanoni, chps. 22 & 23. Art. 112-120.] It includes the …

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June 4, 2015

How the Lord Chose His Twelve Apostles

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Our Lord Jesus Christ spent the night in prayer, conversing with His Father and God in heaven in a way indescribable and beyond our powers of understanding, a way which is solely known to Himself. He thus makes Himself an example to us of that which is necessary for salvation, for He taught us in what way we too may rightly and blamelessly offer our prayers. He then came down from the mountain, and appointed …

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