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  1. Georg Warnecke says:

    actually, luther had no real knowledge of orthodox theology – if you study his works you’ll soon find that it is very hard to make them both compatible (as i.e. the finnish lutheran–orthodox dialogue shows)…
    so – luther isn’t really suitable as a principal witness for orthodoxy.

  2. Father Bless,

    Thank you for such an insightful article.

    I hope that we make the distinction between Protestant and Western when referring to songs and art. Protestant music preaching false theology must be avoided in an Orthodox setting. Unfortunately, youth usually confuse Protestant with Western thinking that all that is Western is Protestant. As a parishioner in a missionary Orthodox Church in Toronto, I believe that using Western music in such setting is necessary as this is what caters to the needs of those of a Western background/ethnicity. I know that this was not the main message of your blog yet I found it necessary to point that out as such matter is often confused by many youth.

    Seeking your prayers on my behalf

    • Fr. Moses Samaan says:

      Thank you, Andrew, for the clarification. I agree with the concept. I’m also serving at a missionary parish in the Diocese of Los Angeles, and to my surprise, I found converts who really enjoy traditional, sacred Coptic music just as we have many Coptic youth who enjoy Western music more. I suppose it depends on the context. Either way, we have to be careful and precise as you said. Pray for me, as well.

      P.S. Sadly, I think you replied to the wrong article and I’m not sure how to transfer the comment to the right article (which I believe is “I’m Alive and Well.”)

  3. Jfncbfhfhfhfhf says:

    I don’t believe in birth control. can I still join Orthodox?

  4. As a Greek Orthodox Christian from Australia … I have educated a lot of protestants by giving them insight in the early scriptures of the Apostles… and that there is only “one” true apostolic faith which holds the real teachings of our lord Jesus Christ … not the endless Christian denominations which exist today due to the Roman Catholic unrealistic insatiable greed for papacy power… which is the end result of division amongst Christians…Amen.

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