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2 Responses to "If You Love Me, Speak Up"
  1. K says:

    In your opinion, Abouna, how does this differ from attending the wedding of an Atheist, Muslim, or Buddhist friend? Is the same argument of admonishing their sinful life away from God (who is the only person who can unite man and woman) not also applicable in those situations? What about a protestant friend who does not believe in the sacraments?

    Are we then to conclude that we are to attend only Orthodox/Catholic weddings? I ask because I’ve heard your argument several times before, and I truly wish to find an answer to this nagging question.

    Your son in Christ,

    • Fr. Moses Samaan says:

      That’s a very good question, K.

      In my mind, there is a difference between the two cases. The Church has always recognized a distinction between the Mystery of Marriage, which is sacramental, and common, natural marriage, which is not. For example, if a Protestant couple that has been married for 10 years were to come to be baptized in the Orthodox Church, we wouldn’t discount their 10 years of marriage. Yes, it is true, we would pray the Mystery of Marriage for them after Holy Baptism, but at the same time, we would recognize that they enjoyed a common, natural marriage beforehand and that this marriage was elevated to a sacramental nature through the Church after Baptism.

      The same is not true for a same-sex couple, because there is nothing natural in their union, which is a perversion of sex.

      Thus, while it’s not ideal, I think it is far different for a Christian to attend the non-sacramental (but nonetheless natural) union of a Buddhist, Muslim, etc. while praying for the couple to eventually come to the Faith and receive the Mystery of Marriage than it is for him to attend something that is sadly a perversion of sex and a distortion of God-given marriage.

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