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February 9, 2018

Why Are Some People Punished While Others Are Not?

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“But why,” someone asks, “are some punished here, but others only hereafter and not at all here?” Why? Because if all were punished here, we would all have perished, for we all are subject to penalties. On the other hand, if no one were punished here, most people would become too careless, and many would say that there is no providence. For, if now, although they see many of the wicked being punished, they utter …

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November 26, 2015

God Provides for All Things

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What then, they say — do you not want me to know clearly and believe that God provides for all things? Certainly, I want it and pray for it and desire it exceedingly, but not that you pry and inquire curiously into His providence. If you know and are persuaded, then do not make inquiry. But if you doubt, then ask the earth, the sky, the sun, the moon; ask the various classes of animals, …

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April 14, 2015

Honor the Body of Christ in the Poor

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Would you do honor to Christ’s Body? Neglect Him not when naked; do not while here thou honorest Him with silken garments, neglect Him perishing without of cold and nakedness. For He that said, “This is my body,” and by His word confirmed the fact, his same said, “Ye saw me an hungered, and fed me not;” and, “Inasmuch as ye did it not to one of the least of these, ye did it not …

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