Become Orthodox is a growing Orthodox resource site and the personal blog of Father Moses Samaan, a presbyter in the Coptic Orthodox Church, Diocese of Los Angeles.


Our goal is to offer useful and edifying meditations and catechetical materials to Orthodox Christians and seekers alike. This is accomplished through the major sections of this site:

1. Meditations

This section offers meditations and homilies on various topics, everything from Starbucks’ red Christmas cups to terrorism. At times, it will also include excerpts from homilies.


Quotations from ancient and modern Orthodox Fathers on various topics designed to edify readers in one paragraph or less.

3. Articles

Distinct from meditations, this section focuses on more scholarly writing on various topics. It includes written pieces from established authors like His Holiness Pope Shenouda of Thrice-Blessed Memory and Hegumen Father Matthew the Poor of Blessed Memory.

4. Pages

This section contains all of the static content that is catechetical in nature. Become Orthodox was initially intended as an online Oriental Orthodox catechetical resource. We hope to  build these pages so that they might form the skeleton of an English Oriental Orthodox catechism, which we desperately need throughout the English-speaking diaspora.